Retreat tour to reset the soul and body


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We have combined a pleasant cruise along the shore of Turkey with a well-thought-out body practice program.

We offer you:
  • Feel freedom from the city life;
  • Reboot your mind;
  • Improve your health;
  • Find answers to the most important life questions;
  • Relax in the company of like-minded people;
  • Become a crew member and learn the basics of sailing;

25.09 - 02.10.2021


One person – 800
One cabin – 1450 


Fethiye - Sarsala - Gemiler - Kalkan - Kaş

The Airport:


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If you have never practiced yoga, then an unforgettable experience awaits you under the guidance of a sensitive instructor who will be able to devote time to each practitioner (group no more than 4 people). If you have attended at least one yoga class, you know what a surge of mental and physical strength a person feels after that. Multiply this effect by at least 14 - that is how many practices we will have during this week. Add to this the beneficial influence of the four elements - the purest water of the Mediterranean Sea in secluded bays with the ruins of ancient cities, a gentle breeze and the rays of the summer-hot Sun.


Virgin nature and the sea are ideal conditions to listen to yourself and get rid of unnecessary noise. We understand how important is to get a good rest, so we created a tour with comfort and safety in mind. It will be easy for you to be filled with new energy and take positive transformations with you.

In addition to the main program (two yoga practice a day, participation is optional), you will experience an unforgettable holiday: sailing, swimming in the sea, meeting dolphins and sea turtles, walking along the Lycian Way, dinners in restaurants with traditional Turkish cuisine, chatting under the starry sky.

Lesson Program:
  • Acquaintance with Yuddha Yoga - this complex was used by Buddhist monks to restore the physical and mental body after fights. It still has a powerful beneficial effect on those who practice it today.
  • Practices from classical Hatha yoga are therapeutic and health-improving complexes to maintain general tone in the body and strengthen the musculoskeletal system.
  • Surya Namaskar (Salutation to the Sun) and the "Moonlight" complex - includes the chain of smoothly flowing Vinyasa asanas and sequences that fascinate with their magic of movements.
  • Mastering pranayamas - these respiratory systems help strengthen the deep antagonist muscles, including the transverse abdominal muscles, develop the diaphragm, increase blood oxygen saturation and improve the functioning of our brain.
  • Meditative practice of conscious sleep Yoga Nidra - Deep physical and mental relaxation, work with inner request, intention, true desire at the soul level.


Mehendi painting master class Explanation of symbols, types of drawings and application techniques, direct application to your body.
Individual training: and
"Self-assessment and the mission of my life" -
Training helps to identify gaps at this stage of life (50% of the solution to the problem), get the tools for work; to determine your personal task, which is significant in this particular period of life, to work with your self-worth.
We are confident that you will be able to feel your body in a new way and reboot its physical component. Thanks to pranayama and meditation using mudras, constructive processes of mental restructuring will turn on, a feeling of balance will arise at the level of the soul, and you will gain inner lightness and freedom. Physical, respiratory and meditative systems will help to holistically and qualitatively restart both external and internal processes in everyone's life!


Instructor - Nadezhda Ilyasova

Master of Philology, specialist - practical psychologist (Cherkasy National University), certified yoga teacher since 2017 at the Vajrayana High School (trained at a Buddhist temple for 5 years), owner of the Reliance Studio yoga studio since 2018, annually undergoes training and professional development from international level yoga teachers and masters, certified sports kinesiologist . As a teacher of yuddha-, hatha-complexes and yoga in hammocks , she has been conducting classes for more than 7 years .

“Yoga is a path that helps me maintain inner integrity, a sense of harmony and balance in all areas of life. Maintaining the health of my body, clarity of mind and peace, love in my soul, I successfully realize myself as a woman in family relationships, business, social and volunteer activities. It is significant for me to realize the inner need - to be useful to the world in which I live, with my actions, skills and abilities to influence constructive positive changes both in the lives of people next to me, and society as a whole "

Sailing yacht Beneteau Oceanis 440 FELICITE will become your home and a wise teacher during the training
13.66 m/ 44’10’’
4.25 m/ 14’
1.75m/ 5’9’’
  • Spacious saloon, 4 cabins, 2 toilets/showers and well-equipped kitchen will allow you to recover with comfort after sailing
  • An ocean class “A” yacht, tested in numerous storms and ocean crosses, a truly bulletproof construction
  • The boat is fully equipped with all aids needed to successfully undertake the trainings of different levels
  • We keep the boat clean at all times
  • All systems are double checked before departure and run smoothly
Our team

Your comfort and safety, as well as a great mood is our priority.

Marcel Marciuc is a yacht captain, founder and chief instructor of Sailing School DaoYachting.

Svetlana Botchenko - project manager, responsible for all logistical and organizational issues.

Nadezhda Ilyasova - a yoga instructor and a certified coach.

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Svetlana Botchenko
Nadezhda Ilyasova
Marcel Marciuc