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Training for beginners and skilled sailors

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Ускоренное обучение
Express training

If you are focused and value your time, you can learn a full two-weeks program in 10 days.

Учебники ISSA

No online courses. Practice and theory are provided on board. Workbooks and learning aids are free of charge.

Одноместное размещение

Each class is limited to 4 trainees. You’ll get a separate cabin for yourself.

Русский и английский

You will learn the standard marine terminology, so you will not get lost in any part of the world.

Оборот Лицензия шкипера
Life time

When you complete the training and successfully pass exams, you will obtain a skipper license with no expiry date.

Are you ready to become a Captain?
  • Learn how to handle your boat safely
  • Practice skills of friendly crew management
  • Protect environment by reducing carbon emissions on your travels
  • Be the only one who chooses the route
  • Reconnect with the elements of the nature
  • Gain new impressions by discovering the world
  • Chase your dreams to find a hidden paradise
  • Join the community of seafarers
Исполнение мечты
Take the first step

Inshore Skipper Course special training:
2 850евро /14 days
14 days, from 8 AM to 10 PM
Leave your problems behind and take a break from the routine
Course content
Theory is immediately transformed into practice
Learning topics
  • Yacht construction
  • Safety on board
  • Ropework and knots
  • Operational checklists
  • Berthing and leaving a berth
  • Set sails and courses to the wind
  • Boat handling under sails and under engine
  • Collision regulations
  • Man Over Board
  • Anchoring
  • Meteorology and weather forecasts
  • Terrestrial navigation and passage planing
  • Lights and marks
  • Radio communication (VHF)

Being a captain is not only about boat handling, it is about planing. It is about being confident with your decisions. It is about taking responsibility for your next step.

From whiteboard to board — you can immediately test every bit of theory in practice.
Few things go well with the first try, you will go on trying until you make it.
This approach is the key to pass the exams at the end of the course.
Official ISSA Manuals
Recommended literature to go deeper in the subject
Тактика штормования

by Lin and Larry Pardey «Storm tactics»

Ковчег для Робинзона

by Kenneth Newmeyer «The Ark for Robinson»

За бортом по своей воле

by Alain Bombard «Overboard at Will»

VHF-станция Карта

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, it is a normal part of learning.

Practice starts
from the first minutes of your stay on board

Life-based theoretical topics only, without non-relevant information. Practice makes perfect. I will be your guide, but you will act on your own. This is the only way to get personal experience.

Book your cabin with us

Inshore Skipper license offers you a wide range of charter possibilities all over the world
Practical Tasks
  • Sea knots
  • Docking by stern and alongside
  • Leaving the berth
  • Set and adjust sails according to the wind
  • Maneuvering the boat under engine
  • Man Over Board procedure
  • Safe anchoring
  • Position fixing
  • Passage planing
  • Radio communications
Our schedule
14 days to boost your skills and gain confidence
How much money should I take with me?
The best way to become a Captain!
Inshore Skipper course (Express)
No time to lose! Theory is instantly transformed into practice!
  • From noob to Captain in 10 days
  • Special training to boost you capabilities
  • A Captain’s role is yours from the first day
  • Non-stop practice


Express course

10 days / 2 350евро
Book your place

Most popular Captains’ 10-days course! All in one! Theory and practice!

Are there any hidden expenses?
No hidden fees, all is clear for you
Depending on the airport of arrival, the transfer to the boat will cost from 20 to 90 euro.
Casual clothes is ok, no need to buy special marine clothes, except a pair of gloves – from 20 to 50 euro. Clothes feels comfortable – that’s all you need!
A dinner at the restaurant is 20-40 euro. It makes 250 euro per week.
Breakfasts on board (tea, coffee, biscuits, eggs, etc.) is 50-70 euro per week.

~400-500 euro for two weeks

In addition to the course cost, make sure you considered flight costs, medical insurance and the issue of the certificates (from 150 to 250 euro to be paid directly to ISSA).


The quality of education is guaranteed!

Your decision to come is enough! Send us your flights tickets or an advance payment of 50% and take your place in the team

Start the course and pay later. If during the first 2 days of the training you will find yourself unhappy – no need to pay!
Кепка Портмоне
What to take with you?
  • Topsiders shoes – shock protected. The sole must be non-marking.
  • The sailing gloves must protect the second phalanges of your fingers. You can buy them here, at the nearest chandlery shop.
  • The air temperature feels 10 degrees less when at the sea.
Summer season (April to October):
  • Swimming suits (all you have)
  • Cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Polarized sun glasses
  • T-shirts, incl. long-sleeved
  • Shorts
  • Crocs
Winter season (November to March)
  • T-shirts and shirts
  • Sweater
  • Warm vest
  • Waterproof pants and jacket
  • Hat and scarf
  • Waterproof boots
  • Warm socks
  • Passport, money (cash and cards), gadgets and chargers, toiletries and your medications (if any)
Can I stay at a hotel while learning?
No, the boat will hip-hop from bay to bay and return to the home marina at the end of the course.
What if I am
sea sick?
There are numerous ways to overcome sea sickness.
I’m over 60,
is it too late?
Life experience is a bonus to be used. To start sailing life at 70 is a common thing.
I have physical disability
If something is done hard, it means wrong, we use brain not muscles.
I can’t swim
A Captain is not an Olympic swimmer, for the rest we have lifejackets.
Can I keep
Your personal information will never be shared without your permission.
Who solves conflicts on board?
Сonflicts on board are unlikely, but if it happens, our instructor will solve them
Can I research the boat on my own?
Yes, because it’s interesting. You can open any locker and check for hidden things.
A Captain’s license is issued by
International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA)
An international organization associating 3,500 sailing schools in 31 countries of the world.
ISSA was founded in London and Paris in 1969 as a result of a joint initiative of the sailing communities of France, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain.
ISSA aims to provide opportunities worldwide for people who dream of learning to sail to make a start in a sailing school.
Как проходит процесс обучения на получение лицензии капитана?
Первую неделю изучаем теорию и закрепляем её на практике. Если что-то не получилось, повторили сразу, безотлагательно. Это залог уверенного освоения практики и успешного получения зачёта. Сдача практики происходит во время второй недели обучения.
Вы получаете лицензию шкипера раз и навсегда
Подготовка к выходу в море и швартовки
Манёвры под парусами
Спасение выпавшего за борт MOB
Работа с картами и прогнозы погоды
Радиообмен VHF

Теоретический экзамен проводится в письменном виде в конце обучения

Стоимость самого сертификата (от 40 до 170 евро - оплачивается на сайте ISSA).

1 день 2 день 3 день 4 день 5 день 6 день 7 день 8 день 9 день 10 день 11 день 12 день 13 день 14 день
Marcel Marciuc: I have prepared for you a special training program, which will help you acheive a goal of becoming a Captain in shortest terms.
  • Ten years ago I started my sea life and found my true path.
  • In 2015 I founded sailing school Compass, which become the very first step for hundreds of future sailors.
  • In 2020 the school was renamed to Dao Yachting.
  • Since 2021 Dao Yachting is an accredited school to train sailing instructors.
Organizational process is managed by Tatiana Rodicheva
  • YM Offshore, 15000 nm, Instructor
  • Live aboard since 2014.
  • I manage logistics, social communications and technical support.
  • I will help you get on board from any part of the world.
  • My special skill is catamaran maneuvering.
  • Safety on board is number one for me.
  • The sea is my passions.
  • I give master classes in passage planning.
  • I share lifehacks of leaving aboard.
  • I’ll be happy to answer your questions.
In Chines philosophy Dao - is a path of perfection. We believe that our mission is to show you the way which you will pass on your own.

Enter your details and Marcel will contact you

Contact directly via What’s Appp whatsapp
Choosing Dao Yachting means no stress:
Calm and attentive instructors
Our values are mutual respect and individual approach to all students. Good mood on board is our goal.
No risk of damaging the boat
Instructor will immediately prevent any risk that can damage the boat. But no earlier than the hazard arise.
Your own experience most important
Instructor will allow you to take your own decisions, no harder tasks that you can handle.
Safety on board and personal security
One of the main task of an instructor is to secure personal safety of all students, preventing dangerous situations.
We make it simple
If any of the topics is difficult for you, we find different ways to make it easy.
Meet your partner
Sailing boat Beneteau Oceanis 440 will become your home and a personal teacher
13,66 m/ 44’10’’
4,25 m/ 14’
1,75 m/ 5’9’’
  • Spacious saloon, 4 cabins, 2 toilets/showers and well-equipped kitchen will allow you to recover with comfort after sailing
  • An ocean class “A” yacht, tested in numerous storms and ocean crosses, a truly bulletproof construction
  • The boat is fully equipped with all aids needed to successfully undertake the trainings of different levels
  • We keep the boat clean at all times
  • All systems are double checked before departure and run smoothly

Our students are always satisfied with the condition of our fleet.

The result of the training is your confidence in managing the boat, go out to the open sea and safely return.
crew Practical course
1 250euro /7 days
Yacht Crew / Deck hand
This course will allow you to obtain all necessary skills needed for a licensed competent crew and a deck hand. A personal log-book will be provided for miles recording in position of the crew. A good way to check your compatibility with the sailing. Age 10+
capitan-hat-mini New level
2 150euro /7 days
Offshore Skipper / New level
This course is for those how have an Inshore Skipper certificate. Extend the horizons, longer passages in various weather conditions will allow you to fell more confident while planning ambitions plans of sea crossing. A 160 nm range between to safe shores, means moving from bay to bay sailing to country-to-country passages.
4000euro /10 days
ISSA Instructor Training
We invite experienced sailors, ready to master a new profession.
It will be held in Turkey, with the support of the International Sailing School Association (ISSA).
We invite experienced sailors, ready to master a new profession.
  • The basic module of lectures according to all international standards
  • Coaching techniques and psychology of sharing experience
  • Practice with future captains
  • Admission to the exam and obtaining an ISSA instructor license
    Instructor Marcel Marciuc is the founder and chief instructor.
1 950euro /7 days
Storm Tactics
This course is for those who will never go out to the storm, but wants to be ready for it, when it comes!
Course content:
  • Boat preparation, sails, seacocks, and hatches troubleshooting,
    reefs and sails replacement.
  • Sail boat balance, wind autopilot, storm sails and
    sea anchor.Offshore sailing plan, according to the weather forecast.
  • Working with radar offshore, shifts and polyphasic sleep.
  • Meteorology, sailing in difficult weather conditions.
Leave your phone number, and we will contact you
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For graduates of the school, there is a lifetime guarantee for questions