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Testing the Storm

9-12-2022, 22:30

The last day of practice of the storm season was indeed a success. The 55 nm straight crossing on the first day of the winter, with more than 70 miles due to tacking, was a serious test of the knowledge and practical skills the cadets had gained over the previous 10 days.
After traversing a calm, still-sleeping bay in the pre-dawn twilight, we entered the open sea and were met with a southeasterly wind of 15-17 knots with gusts up to 28. As we moved further out to sea the wave picked up speed. FELICITE on the other hand enjoyed the freedom and the true winter weather for sailing.The first half of the trip we sailed upwind, doing a good job of getting all the tricks of the turns in a strong wind. In the middle of our route the wind dropped, but still kept the headwind. The wave on the contrary increased up to 2-2.5 meters. We had to start the motor. But unlike lunch, which was prepared on serious rolls, we could already, in spite of the rocking, easily make coffee to cheer up and recharge our batteries.We spent the last three hours of the trip in the light of the moon, which, though not full, still brightened up the remaining hours before mooring with its luminous moon track.
This crossing will be remembered by all the members of our crew. "The sea is the best thing that can happen to a man." Max Frye