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How not to get lost in the sea?

26-05-2022, 18:02

How not to get lost in the sea.
Navigation is one of the pillars of safe navigation, while paperwork is not as boring as it seems.
First, the cards.
Play real sea maps cooler than preference. The rules are simple: the winner is the one who knows the formula of the elixir of truth and, having solved the equations from the school curriculum, will bring the deck to clean water.
Secondly, the plan.
Without a plan, you know, nowhere. In order for "Going, smoking" to go smoothly, it is worth taking care of this in advance. It would not be superfluous to stock up on plans "B" and "C", otherwise you never know.
Thirdly, the gasket.
The most reliable is a paper strip with a detailed description of the turning points, so that at the right moment you can easily find the coordinates of the G—point, for example.
At this stage, the desk training is over, and there is no less exciting orientation and practice ahead.